Unwrap Your Equity This Holiday Season!

CDPEWebsite_header_dec 2017

This holiday season, what better present to give yourself than cashing in on your home’s equity? As stressful as this time of the year is, many homeowners forget about the possibility of listing their homes. Yet, buyers want to find that dream home in time for the holidays!


The average home value rose 6.9% nationwide in 2017 and is predicted to rise by 3.1% by this time in 2018. As home values rise, mortgage rates have maintained a mid to high 3 percent average. In 2017, the average mortgage rate has not risen to the levels experts predicted, but in 2018 the housing market should experience an increase in mortgage rates.


Mortgage rates are the key to unlocking potential buyers. They have flocked to the market to find that there just are not enough homes available to them. Do you know what your home is worth? Perhaps it’s time to consider cashing in on your investment.


In my report entitled “Is Your Home Worth More Than You Thought? Unwrap Your Equity This Holiday Season!”, I explain the factors creating a seller’s market. No matter what your situation has been, it may have changed in just the last year!


You can download the report from my website: http://hosted.cdpe.com/103530. After reading the report, contact me today to discover what your home is worth now.


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